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ESP KH-2 M-II 'The Mummy'

KH-2 The Mummy guitar This electric guitar is a ESP signature model which is based upon the ESP M-II serie. Its body consist of alder, the fingerborad (with 24XJ frets) of rosewood and the neck which is bolt on the body of maple. The bridge is an original Floyd Rose bridge.

The body shows the original graphic of the movie "The Mummy" which is staring the actor Boris Karloff as the mummy. On the guitar's left horn there's written in a sort of hand writing font: "It comes to life!"

  • Model: ESP KH-2 "The Mummy"
  • Basis model: ESP M-II
  • Color: Multicolored
  • Color (hardware): Black
  • Inlays: The Eye of Horus
  • Pickups: 2x EMG-81 humbucker
  • Hardware: 2 volume control
  • Graphic: "The Mummy" graphic
  • Can be seen: "Cunning Stunts", "S&M"

    First time used live: "Load" gigs
    Still used live

    This guitar is Kirk's favorite guitar.

    This guitar can not be ordered at ESP, because Kirk owns the rights of the drawing.
    Kirk with his guitar

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